Thursday, August 12, 2010


I like the composition of this one, and I like that I'm finally getting to "scrub," at least in a cognate sense of the word....


  1. Look at you with your neatly hung laundry. For me, working w/o a dryer is very grouchifying. (yeah, that's a word.)

    And laundry is my picture today (8/13)


  2. Not even my laundry; this is what I can see out my kitchen window if I remove the screen and lean (or dangle, I suppose).

    I like grouchifying as a word.

  3. That's a nice composition. I am chuckling, however, because my mother would have had a fit - it was her strongly held belief that you had to hang tops from the bottom. (And, of course, bottoms from the top.0

  4. Very nice, but it's hard for me not to like a clothesline.

  5. I love the way laundry looks hanging on a clothesline. I live very close to Mennonite country and their clotheslines are epic in length.