Monday, September 13, 2010


I love everything about making my own granola except the heat in the kitchen. Today seems cool enough, and I've got a sick kid on my hands, so it's granola day. In the current spirit of "full" shots, I like the reflection in the toaster oven: the Hendrick's bottle, the top of the rad, the window that I need to lean out of to catch laundry on the line in back. But it's the colours and textures of the granola-in-waiting itself that I like best....

And a couple of hours later, ta-da! (Bonus second photo....)


  1. this is making me hungry.....looks delicious! Hope your kidlet is feeling better.

  2. The heat is the very same reason why my granola recipe didn't get made as often this summer as I would have liked.

    This is a busy, homey shot. It is warm and inviting (as is the granola, I'm sure).

  3. I like the first shot a lot. It's elemental. My daughter likes to help me make granola. When she measure out the ingredients, she assigns them nationalities: the oatmeal is always the English for some reason--I've pointed out that Scottish would be more appropriate--and the oat bran always seems to be the French. Lately the coconut's been Kenyan. I have no idea why she does this but I get a kick out of it.