Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rum Pot

For my first installment for Project 365, I took Sue's suggestion of "sustenance" as a theme, and voila. My first photo is of Christmas dinner-dessert-in-waiting. It's a rum pot. You choose fruit as it comes into season, add sugar, and then top up to cover with rum. The rum pot will be ready about 3 months after the last fruit has been added. So far this one contains strawberries, blueberries, cherries, plums, apricots, and peaches. Nectarines (this week) and blackberries will round out this one, and I'll be able to set it aside for December. Niagara is a great place to do this! My first one was concocted in Edmonton, and vastly more trouble.
Anyway, right now it takes up a nice little corner of my kitchen counter, and, while a highly alcoholic dessert is not exactly "sustenance," it is fun; I think it's attractive; and it sure does do good things to ice cream.


  1. I like the picture and I like the idea of a rum pot even more. I might have to try this what with peach and blueberry season being in full swing.

  2. Steve, nice to meet you!

    YUMMY picture!

  3. Yes, please. Dessert is always sustenance in my world.


  4. I love this idea. You don't have to add anything other than rum?

  5. You add half as much sugar as fruit, and top up with rum. So, if you have two cups of fruit, you add one cup of sugar, let it sit to get the juices going, and then put the lot in the pot and cover with rum. You have to keep a plastic plate or something in place until it is full to make sure that the fruit stays under the surface of the rum, but it's really pretty simple.